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AudioAssessment.com is the convienient way to integrate oral exams into online courses.

NOTE: This is a beta website. AudioAssessment is scheduled to be released February 2008. Functionality described on this site may or may not exist in version 1.0.

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Oral Exams For Online Courses

No longer is assessment in online courses limited to just objective quizzes and discussion questions ...

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Institutions interested in piloting a beta version of AudioAssessment are now being sought. The pilot program is scheduled to begin in January, 2008. If your institution might be interested in being a part of this pilot phase please send an email to our sales email address.

Patent Pending Status :

DECADE Consulting, LLC holds an exclusive patent pending status on AudioAssessment.com.

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Do you know if your
students are conversant
about major course topics?

Find out by giving them an oral exam.

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