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Oral Exams For Online Courses!

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AudioAssessment is easy for both faculty and students to use.

AudioAssessment is useful for all types of educational institutions.

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Integrating oral exams into online courses!

No longer is assessment in online courses limited to just objective quizzes and discussion questions. Now faculty can find out what their students really know by integrating oral exams into their online courses. Oral Exams are a form of authentic assessment in that it gives students the opportunity to demonstrate the degree to which they are conversant about the constructs being studied.

Using a patent-pending approach, faculty members may dial toll free into the AudioAssessment.com system. There they can manage their exams through tasks such as recording questions, modifying questions, selecting options such as randomization of questions from a question pool, etc. Students may also dial toll-free into the AudioAssessment.com system to hear the oral exam questions and immediately respond. Recordings of the exam answers are then either emailed directly to the faculty member or stored for archival via personal computer. Instructors have access to a clickable rubric which they can use to grade oral exams as they listen to them.

TOLL FREE OPTION To help manage long distance dialing costs to faculty and students schools may select to pre-pay for the long distance fees. Schools may also opt for students and/or faculty to pay long distance fees if applicable. Long distance fees are assessed by the user's telephone provider, not AudioAssessment.com.

CALLER VERIFICATION SYSTEM Through a patent-pending process the identity of a student and a recording of their voice can be verfied. The student takes an official photo identification card to a notary public in their area. The notary public signs an affadavit certifying that the student was in their presence when the student dialed into the AudioAssessment system to record a Voice Identification Message (VIM). If a faculty member questions whether or not an AudioAssessment was taken by the actual student the student's pre-recorded voice identification message (VIM) can be compared to the submitted answers.

CLICKABLE RUBRIC FEATURE As the faculty member is listening to the recording of the student's answer they can have access to a clicable grading rubric. This tool facilitates the quantification and calculation of a student's oral exam.

USEFUL AT MANY TYPES OF INSTITUTIONS AudioAssessment.com is a useful tool for any type of educational institution. Examples of use include the following:

Colleges and Universities embed AudioAssessment.com into their online courses. With students physically located across many time zones the asynchronous nature of AudioAssessment.com makes it a good fit.

Virtual K-12 Schools value AudioAssessment because it adds a useful level of authentic assessment which is not possible with standard objective and typed discussion quizzes commonly found in online courses.

Career Colleges benefit from using AudioAssessment.com because it bridges the gap between instruction and application. Employers want to know if students can "talk the talk" of the specific career. AudioAssessment.com allows students to demonstrate the degree to which they are conversant about course content.

Corporations use AudioAssessment.com to allow employees to demonstrate competency of important performance and training elements.


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