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AudioAssessment.com provides each institution with an Account Manager who can be contacted for questions concerning the product, student support and account management.

how it works

Colleges and Universities embed AudioAssessment.com into their online courses. With students physically located across many time zones the asynchronous nature of AudioAssessment.com makes it a good fit.

Virtual K-12 Schools value AudioAssessment because it add a useful level of authentic assessment which is not possible with standard objective and typed discussion quizzes commonly found in online courses.

Career Colleges benefit from using AudioAssessment.com because it bridges the gap between instruction and application. Employers want to know if students can "talk the talk" of the specific career. AudioAssessment.com allows students to demonstrate the degree to which they are conversant about course content.

Corporations use AudioAssessment.com to allow employees to demonstrate competency of important performance and training elements.


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